Lisa & David // Morcom Amphitheater of Roses, Oakland, CA

When Lisa and I connected over Philz Coffee in Berkeley, Ca about her Wedding in February of 2016, she mentioned that what she really like about me was my ability to make people look not so awkward. I'll definitely take that, hehe. 

It was a beautiful and chilly evening at the Rose Garden in Oakland on September 27, 2015. But, despite the chilly evening, things warmed up quickly as Lisa and David cozied up together and showed me their love for one other.  The roses seemed to be in full bloom and the view was breathtaking. With the California drought, it's been a bit rough to find a green and colorful locations for shoots. 

Lisa and David, thank you for sharing so much with me during your engagement session. I look forward to even more amazingness at your wedding in February! <3 Kandace