Moore's Pumpkin Patch // Dublin, CA

Guess what!? I'm finally getting around to blogging some personal stuff :)

It may not feel like Fall with the 90+ degree weather and all, but it's definitely here!

A couple weeks ago I was driving on the 580 freeway and noticed that Moore's Pumpkin Patch was setting up shop. Nostalgia hit and it hit hard. I've lived near this area all my life and the sweet memories of halloween candy and pumpkin spice EVERYTHNG filled the air as Moore's passed by my window within seconds. 

It was settled as soon as I arrived home. We're planning a trip with our 1 year old son Dominic ASPA! I have a pretty tight schedule these days, so "ASAP" really means in 2 weeks on my night off! 

I was filled with such anticipation that I had forgot to invite anyone to come along with us. But at the last minute, we were able to connect with my sister's family (who happens to live about 2 minutes away from Moore's) and we met there. About 30 minutes before we were going to head out the door we realized that my parents were free and invited them alone as well. We only wish that we had planned better and made an entire family outing out of it. 

The adventure was fun and exciting and the little kiddo's (who may not remember this) will have the memories to look back on as they grow up. Just as I remember doing. Even to this day. 

*Side note, my beautiful sister, Dani and my lovely husband Joe snapped the photo's where I'm in.