Dance Family // Dublin, CA

As my sister was approaching her 30th birthday, I was struggling with what to gift her for such a special milestone. As I thought about it more I started to ask myself... "What would I want?"

These days, "things" don't mean as much and gifts are less meaningful because "we" usually buy what "we" want when "we" want it. Which is a BIG problem when it comes to gift giving..... Anyways, back to my sister and her gift..... I realized that a family docustyle session would be PERFECT.  She and her husband were blessed with a beautiful daughter who is 6 months old (at the time of her shoot), so ya, I can't believe it took me a while to figure out her present. 

When I arrived, she was still napping, so I started the session off moments before she woke. It was beautiful and real. They were amazing subjects and their images tell such a beautiful story of love.