Boho meets Jane Austen & Khaleesi? Yes, Please! // Stylized Shoot

I can't pin point one distinct genre for this stylized shoot, so I'm calling it "Jane Austen Meets Khaleesi for some Boho FUN!" The vision came together when I first laid eyes on the short lacey dress that my sister was wearing as a bridesmaid to a wedding! Kate, Cavan & Justin our models had the PERFECT look to help tie this vision together. Such a timeless appearance from Kate combined with an edgy and vintage flare from Cavan & Justin.

Our shoot took place deep into a canyon mostly belonging to coyotes. There were also some talk about mountain lions, so you can imagine how terrified we were walking back in the dark.

We were literally racing the light as it was becoming dark quickly and the entire creative team who came along, picked up the pace and raced along side with me. I'm sure the day after we were all regretting it, but beauty is pain and I wasn't about to let these beautiful ideas succumb to sore muscles as we viciously climbed steep hills! This was my very first stylized shoot and there is absolutely no way anything I had envisioned for it would have come alive if I didn't have the most creative and selfless vendors donating their time, skill and money to make this successful. They deserve all the glory.

Special thanks to my friend Gabe Ballard for allowing me to use his super unique floral tie!!

Florals by E.M Florals // Makeup by Makeup By Samantha Keefaurve // Hair by Jennifer Hatcher-Jen the Hair Girl Thank you Cori Delgado Photography for co-planning this awesome shoot! 

Attire from H&M, Mobcloth, Forever21 and Savers. This session cost under $150 to create!!