Alisen + Erik Maternity // Berkeley, CA

  "Right now I have two people sitting on my lap." -Erik, soon-to-be-dad

I don't think I've had a client more excited about the forecast for rain than Alisen! So, naturally I was very excited to continue with their scheduled maternity session even though it was raining on and off for most of the day. I was looking forward to incorporating an umbrella into their session, which worked out perfectly! It was such a magical day filled with so much pure and true content.

Thank you Alisen and Erik for such an amazing and effortless session. Recording your love was such an inspiration and I can't wait for baby girl to arrive! ~K


Dublin, CA Maternity : Kyle & Dana

They'll both make you laugh so hard that you'll hunch over gasping for air while you may literally turn blue. She's funny sarcastic while he's witty and smart-alecky, a match made perfectly. I can only image the humor in their household as they raise their soon-to-be-born son, Kole.  

Congratulations to my dear friends Dana & Kyle. You both totally "killed it" out there. Thank you for trusting in me and allowing me to tag along as an observer and recorder in this new and exciting experience. ~K