Spring Mini Session : What to Wear & More For Your Family Session

If there is one question that EVERY. SINGLE. FAMILY client of mine asks me it's, "What should we wear?"

So, I've decided to break it down for y'all providing 3 easy rules to remember! I've styled this family from Antioch, CA for my spring mini session event (you can actually book a Spring mini session HERE).

Rule #1 - Be Colorful, not matching!!!

I totally get that you want dad's pants to match little Joey's & your shirt to match sally's... all while everyone wears the same color shoes, or scarf or whatever...but if I'm being completely honest, it doesn't look THAT amazing! And you want your photos to look amazing, right?!

Okay, phew! So do I and that's why I'm letting you in on a little secret- DON'T MATCH but find many colorful items that GO-WITH each other (FYI, go-with & matching are not the same thing). As you can see from my spring mini session photo below; they are all wearing different colors: Green, blue, dark grey, yellow, white and pink! The results will give you that WOW factor.

Rule #2 - Patterns are our BEST FRIEND :)

I don't care if it's flowers, polka dots, flannel, tool or ALL OF THE ABOVE, give me TEXTURES!!! Don't just wear solid colored attire- that just screams BORING! In addition to having a variety of colors make sure that you've given your style some PERSONALITY!

As seen in my image below I literally used "ALL OF THE ABOVE" (flowers, polka dots, flannel, tool) to give my family some personality! Of course they already have personalities, duh! But I needed that extra pizazz that I KNOW will translate in my images.

Rule #3 - Hair & Makeup? YES, PLEASE!

My camera picks up everything- especially your confidence. I fully encourage my clients (at least the mommy) to have their hair and makeup done for their family session. I don't know about you, but I feel super confident when my hair and makeup is on fleek (my husband hates when I say fleek, hehe)!

I usually work with a few hair and makeup artists on a regular basis and always recommend that mom (and girls, but just their hair) use my gals- they make house calls, holla! But even Mac in the mall does makeup and for a great price!  AND DON'T FORGET THOSE EYELASHES! Seriously though, eyelashes make a HUGE difference in the photo's. You go from oh nice to DAAAAAAANG GURL!!!

p.s. my girl, SHAY does a fantastic job...she worked with me during this shoot www.shayxtine.com for hair & makeup.

So there you have it! 3 easy rules I encourage my clients to follow when they book a session with me! I've provided a list of stores that carry GREAT attire options for the whole family :)

'WEAR' TO BUY : The session displayed here has clothes from H&M (mom & dad) & Gap Kids

H & M - Moms polka dot dress & dad's shirt

GAP - all the kids clothing


Old Navy