Big Sur Elopement

I was stoked when Heather ( ) asked if I can join her while she heads to photograph an elopement in Big Sur, CA. I had never been before and it was a breathtaking scenery. If you've never driven the California coast, I highly recommend it!

While assisting Heather, she allowed for me to shoot for myself (such an incredible thing to allow when it's not my own session, cause she's so cool!). The experience was amazing, the marriage was so intimate and perfect (Heather actually married them!) and the lighting was incredibly magical. I'm obsessed and convinced that more couples should consider, if they're planning to elope, to do so in Big Sur, CA or somewhere just as magical.

The couple, not from America, were traveling around the West Coast on a long vacation, getting married and visiting amazing places and experiencing life together far from home! Their genuine kindness and love has made an impression on me and I will always remember this day. My first time witnessing a Big Sur Elopement.