Piedmont, CA 1st B-day Party : Tony, Sasha & Cruz (birthday boy!)

Yet again another newborn client hitting a big milestone age and I got to document it! Let me just say that I had NO idea prior to arriving, that Cruz was going to get the most amazing birthday party EVER. Like, his mom really went all out and put together the COOLEST circus themed 1st birthday party! 

We were originally trying to schedule a family session, but ended up settling on me coming (with my family by the way, because my client's are so awesome like that) to document the party as it unfolds. Their gallery is full of candids, details and cake smashing (or lack there of, because b-day boy wasn't feeling to great that day). But nether the less, it was amazing and so fun to witness!

Tony, Sasha & Cruz, the party was incredible and coming not only as a photographer, but a friend was meant so much. Watching Cruz grow up only a month behind my son, Dominic is the most special thing and I can't wait to follow along as he grows and learns so many new things (like the incriminating photo's from his 1st birthday of him in suspenders and a bow tie! You'll at least have those to show his future bride!!!). <3 K