Danville, CA Engagement: Julia & Greg

I've know Julia for a very long time. I believe it goes as far back as to when she was born! It's been amazing to watch her grow into a woman who is ready to tie the knot. I'm also extremely honored to be her wedding photographer this June! 

Julia met Greg in high school. But this isn't a typical high school sweetheart love story. It's a very unique one as Greg was a physical education teacher at her school. When she graduated she returned and became his teacher's aid. This is where the love began. This is where the story of the two of them blossomed.

Fast forward a few years and this sweet couple are now getting ready to be married in less than a week. Julia has just graduated collage and Greg is getting close to the end of the school year. He will enter next school year as a new man, newly married!! 

When collaborating with Julia about their engagement shoot, she let me know that she was coming back and forth from Southern California and there was only a small window to shoot. I offered the idea of a sunrise session and she loved that (she probably didn't love the getting ready before sunrise idea haha). 

I chose Daville, CA as our location and scouted areas within the city prior to their session date at sunrise. What I found was breathtaking and the cold crispy day couldn't have been any better.