Donnelly Docustyle Session // Piedment, CA

When Quinn contacted me to photograph her family in their home I was thrilled. I'm really obsessed with my docustyle (combo of documentary and lifestyle) sessions. They bring such real and amazing content that is unique to every family. Everyone has a story to tell and every home shows a glimpse of who my clients are.

"We didn’t find out if we were having a girl or a boy, so called her “Zen Baby” during the pregnancy. Lucky for us, she embodies a zen baby! Lucy was born April 8 and has been one chill little baby who smiles a lot. She is starting to laugh and notice people and things a lot more. Thankfully, she inherited her baby blues from her dad, Sean, and I could stare at them all day long. And, I do. We have a one year old black lab named Clover who is super sweet and suffers greatly from FOMO. She will try and jump up on the couch if you are sitting there and needs to be petted on the hour, every hour. Sean and I met 5+ years ago on St. Patrick’s Day. If we had to pick a theme song, it would be Paula Abdul’s 1988 hit, “Opposites Attract.” Sean stands at 6’2” and, despite my large personality, I’m just shy of 5’3”. Sean is more of the introvert and would probably appreciate some peace and quiet at some point. Together we love spending time outdoors, walking the neighborhood or by Lake Merritt, exploring new restaurants, spending time with friends and family, cooking at home, and reading."

Thank you Quinn, Sean and Lucy for giving me such beauty to work with! You truly brightened my day. ~Kandace