Suzuki Docustyle Session // Castro Valley, CA - full post!

I am always so honored to be invited into a clients home to record the love they have for one another. It's such a vulnerable state for them as the content I provide calls for so much more than a pretty everyone-smiling photograph. 

My session usually starts before I even enter the home, with the specials details of the Clients lives. Ryan and Jessica started a family in the home they bought together before they had children and it holds a myriad of emotion and sentiment.  

I ask Jessica (mommy) what the family liked to do together and one of the things she mentions was that the sometime they like to watch the squirells jump in their trees and they love playing with their dog Oso. As I began to record their family, it did't take long before we rushed out onto the patio and watched as the children lit up with excitement as the squirrels jumped around in the trees of their backyard. Their dog Oso is just as much apart of the family as the children. There where moments when Oso and the kids were just like siblings running around and playing together. 

Jessica and Ryan, thank you for opening your lives to me and allowing me to interpret such beauty as I see it happen. <3 K