Custom photography can come across as a sizable investment, but let me first start off by saying that YOU DESERVE IT, YOU CAN HAVE IT & IT'S TOTALLY WORTH IT! That's why I've decided to offer an installment payment plan for clients that love and value photography and need a little financial flexibility.

Custom photography is priced differently by every photographer, but let me share with you why Kandace Photography is priced the way it is. I am owner, president, accountant, secretary, full time employee and most importantly the creative artist behind Kandace Photography. I work very hard to make sure every customer is beyond satisfied and communication is my number one priority!. Besides running my own business that provides for my family, I pay taxes and I invest in my business to make sure my clients are getting the best of the best. If custom photography were cheap, then unfortunately so would be your photographs and experience. I hope that by reading this, you feel that you too have the option in investing in Kandace Photography and in turn, investing in lifelong quality photographs. 

Here's How It Works

1. Book your session up to 6 months in advance (up to 15 months for weddings)

2. CHOOSE YOUR INSTALLMENT PLAN (you may continue paying past your session date with me)

3. Sign an installment payment plan contract

4 Book with a as low as a 10% retain


 Equal Monthly installments up to 6 months

please contact me for more info

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Interested in a payment plan for a wedding?
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