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 2016 Fine Art Display

2016 Fine Art Display

 2017 Fine Art Display - Honorable Mention

2017 Fine Art Display - Honorable Mention


Kandace Gonzalez is a creative wedding & portrait photographer with over 10 years of professional experience located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Coffee and chocolate fuel most of her days and when she has some downtime, she binge watches nail biting docuseries on Netflix! Kandace is also a wife to one of the most handsome and genuine men alive, a mother to the absolute cutest child ever born (also the most saucy one too) and a true believer in good.

Kandace focuses on pure life which means she would absolutely love to be with you from the beginning, from when you say "I Do" to when you welcome your first or even 5th child. She won't just take your picture, she'll be your long time family friend who just happens to be a photographer!

A little more from Kandace

I've always loved photography. I remember back when I was a young girl, I use to beg my mom for extra disposable cameras when going to summer camp. The best part of camp was getting my film developed later and obsessing over them all year. 

When I look back, I know now why I love photography so much. I grew up in a home where photos were ALWAYS taken. My dad owned a few SLR's and we were constantly getting film back after every family adventure. We have treasure chests filled with all those memories and to this day I LOVE looking through them.

Ok, so fast forward to high school where I took my first class on photography where I learned how to develop my own film and make my own prints. I learned about manually dodging and burning to create the perfect print. This type of education was so important for me as I really began to value the art of photography and it's always been something close to my heart. I eventually learned how to shoot digitally and work in Photoshop. My dad introduced me to my first photography mentor, Terry Clark, who took me under his wing and let me shoot my very first wedding with him. He taught me everything I know about the photo world and his guidance and advice still resonates in me today. 

I started to shoot weddings professionally around 19 years old and have been doing them ever since (I'm 29 by the way)! Aside from the wedding photo world, I specialize in portraits of all kinds. Family & newborn photography has really blossomed in my life and I do those just as much, if not more, than weddings!