Spring Mini Session : What to Wear & More For Your Family Session

If there is one question that EVERY. SINGLE. FAMILY client of mine asks me it's, "What should we wear?"

So, I've decided to break it down for y'all providing 3 easy rules to remember! I've styled this family from Antioch, CA for my spring mini session event (you can actually book a Spring mini session HERE).

Rule #1 - Be Colorful, not matching!!!

I totally get that you want dad's pants to match little Joey's & your shirt to match sally's... all while everyone wears the same color shoes, or scarf or whatever...but if I'm being completely honest, it doesn't look THAT amazing! And you want your photos to look amazing, right?!

Okay, phew! So do I and that's why I'm letting you in on a little secret- DON'T MATCH but find many colorful items that GO-WITH each other (FYI, go-with & matching are not the same thing). As you can see from my spring mini session photo below; they are all wearing different colors: Green, blue, dark grey, yellow, white and pink! The results will give you that WOW factor.

Rule #2 - Patterns are our BEST FRIEND :)

I don't care if it's flowers, polka dots, flannel, tool or ALL OF THE ABOVE, give me TEXTURES!!! Don't just wear solid colored attire- that just screams BORING! In addition to having a variety of colors make sure that you've given your style some PERSONALITY!

As seen in my image below I literally used "ALL OF THE ABOVE" (flowers, polka dots, flannel, tool) to give my family some personality! Of course they already have personalities, duh! But I needed that extra pizazz that I KNOW will translate in my images.

Rule #3 - Hair & Makeup? YES, PLEASE!

My camera picks up everything- especially your confidence. I fully encourage my clients (at least the mommy) to have their hair and makeup done for their family session. I don't know about you, but I feel super confident when my hair and makeup is on fleek (my husband hates when I say fleek, hehe)!

I usually work with a few hair and makeup artists on a regular basis and always recommend that mom (and girls, but just their hair) use my gals- they make house calls, holla! But even Mac in the mall does makeup and for a great price!  AND DON'T FORGET THOSE EYELASHES! Seriously though, eyelashes make a HUGE difference in the photo's. You go from oh nice to DAAAAAAANG GURL!!!

p.s. my girl, SHAY does a fantastic job...she worked with me during this shoot www.shayxtine.com for hair & makeup.

So there you have it! 3 easy rules I encourage my clients to follow when they book a session with me! I've provided a list of stores that carry GREAT attire options for the whole family :)

'WEAR' TO BUY : The session displayed here has clothes from H&M (mom & dad) & Gap Kids

H & M - Moms polka dot dress & dad's shirt

GAP - all the kids clothing


Old Navy


Women Empowering Home Water Birth // Redwood City, CA

There are no words that can be said here to better empower women about home water births other than the true words of pure documentary photography.  These images portray a story of a woman having her second child at home for a water birth in Redwood City, CA - taking control of her labor and birth and empowering women to do the same.

p.s .... hubby (a chef) made an incredible after-birth breakfast for his beautiful wife!

Home Lifestyle Engagement Session // Piedmont, CA

I've known Bride-To-Be, Aubrey, since she was in diapers - still can't believe she's getting married, so when I opened up my e-mail one morning to see an engagement session inquiry from her I, of course, was ECSTATIC!

Aubrey also happens to be an amazing photographer who knew exactly where she wanted her engagement session to be -  Groom-To-Be, Zach's, home in Piedmont, CA. We shot all around the gorgeously unique mansion while the sun began to set leaving us with that fiery winter glow!

Joe & Rebecca's Emotion Filled Carmel Mission and Bernardus Lodge & Spa Wedding : Carmel, CA

The most spectacular part of my job is that I get to document amazing people and those who love and support them.

Joe & Rebecca are 2 of the most genuine people I have had the pleasure of meeting and photographing. Their wedding was filled with amazing moments shared between each other and with their family and friends. The myriad of emotions that I had the honor of capturing don't even come close to the actual feeling of being present and witnessing this joyous event.

"Joe & Rebecca, thank you for sharing such amazing moments and allowing me to record and share your love story." ~Kandace


The Creative Team

Fremont, CA Family Session

This wonderful family snuck in a full family session right before they left to visit family in India! We had a wonderful time together despite little guy not feeling well (he just got his shots earlier in the day), but you wouldn't be able to tell!

The family suggested this amazing location only minutes from their home in Fremont, CA and I've been sold on it.....now just waiting for the opportunity to go back again!

2016 Fall Mini Sessions - Pleasanton, CA

For the past few years I've been offering only about 2 or 3 opportunities for mini sessions. By far Fall is the most popular time of year to get your family session in so that you can get those photographs printed in time for the holidays!

Finding a gorgeous and unique location for my client's session isn't easy (especially when the Bay Area is saturated with photographers) but this location was somewhere that stood out to me in passing....it's literally off the side of the road. I knew instantly where my minis where going to take place! That backdrop, those perfectly crunchy brown, yellow and red leaves and that amazing crab grass!!!

Take a look for yourself <3

Beautiful SECRET Garden Engagement // Irene + Jimmy

Irene contacted me about shooting her and Jimmy's engagement session near Berkeley, CA. I asked if she wanted to meet about shooting her wedding and she informed me that she was only looking for an engagement photographer because her wedding will be down in sunny Malibu, CA next year.

I knew I had to convince Irene to meet with me for a wedding consultation (with no pressure of booking) despite the traveling I would be doing for her wedding, because I truly believe, that if you have the ability to have your engagement and wedding photographer be the same person, do it! The relationship is key and what better way to start off the relationship than to have your photographer shoot the two of you on a smaller scale prior to the big day.

I'm happy to say she booked!

I received this after their engagement gallery was delivered yesterday :)


We are absolutely speechless!!! I knew I was a fan of your work right from the start, but my love for it is of course amplified with these pictures of us!! Thank you so much for the additional photos... there are SO many good ones to choose from!!

I definitely shed a few tears while going through them. I cannot thank you enough for capturing so many beautiful moments!! & cannot wait to work with you again during the wedding next year!! (:"

Trevor & Jennifer Tie The Knot At Saratoga Spring Weddings // Saratoga, CA

Trevor and Jennifer were married in Saratoga, CA on a beautiful sunny evening on August 27, 2016. They both got ready at the Aloft Cupertino hotel (different rooms) with their whole (All 24 of them) wedding party.

Fun fact : Trevor and myself went to elementary, middle and high school together along with most of his groomsmen. The wedding felt a little like a high school reunion-which was nice because I think I missed our 10 year reunion ;)

It's hard to believe that it's been over a year since I spoke with Jennifer about photographing her and Trevor's wedding and now today I am sharing their beautiful photo's with you all! Being able to witness and provide their wedding day photography was such a special honor and a joy.  Thank you two for allowing me this special honor and to be able to meet your amazing families and of course see many familiar faces <3

P.S - Stay tuned because there might need to be a part two! So many great moments that need to be shared :)

the creative team

Mommy, Daddy & Baby Matthew // Newborn Docustyle Session : East Bay Area

I am a true believer in documenting milestones in a pure and emotion filled way. What is more true to life than having your photographer come into your home and literally document your newborn sleeping, being fed, getting a bath and cuddling up with mom and dad?

I really believe that these photographs will never fade out and will always be considered treasures.

This beautiful family welcomed me into their home and allowed me to observe and record ( mixed with a few softly posed images) what their new life looks like after adopting their beautiful baby boy, Matthew. People say that having a newborn, the days go by slowly, but months and even year goes by with a blink of an eye. Which is why it brings me so such joy to provide these types of photographs for my clients, before they become distant memories.